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Learner Drivers, Motorway Driving

Can learner drivers drive on motorways in the UK?

A recent law change in the UK now means that learner drivers can now drive on the motorways.
This change in law came in on the 4th June 2018, but they can only do so with an instructor, and with a dual controlled car.

Will Motorway driving be part of the driving test?

At this moment in time, driving on the motorway will not be part of the driving test, however in our opinion it will probably be brought in at some stage.
Whilst many new drivers will perhaps not come across a motorway for sometime after passing their test, others who live close to a motorway will obviously be more exposed. The best solution if a motorway test was brought in would be an additional, such as being able to ride a motorbike.
Then those who wont necessarily need to go on a motorway straight away will benefit from gaining road experience before having to take another test.

learner drivers on the motorways

Get Extra Lessons On A Motorway

If you have recently passed your driving test and would like to drive on the motorway, then why not contact your driving instructor.
You can then have a couple of lessons safe in the knowledge that your instructor has dual control. Just because you have passed, does not mean that you cannot get extra specific driving lessons!

How will learner drivers effect other traffic on the motorways?

Actually learner drivers, all though perhaps not as confident or experienced as many other motorway drivers, probably understand the high way code better.
They will definitely be the ones who leave the right amount of distance between cars, and they will be the ones checking all mirrors before maneuvering. The question really is, how will the learner drivers deal with all the motorist who are on the motorway and seem to have forgotten how to drive!

What are your thoughts on having learner drivers on our motorways?