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Getting the right car for long distance journeys

Studies have shown that around 3.7 million people spend a little over 2 hours each day commuting to and from work, and these figures have increased by a third over the last five years.

Whilst some of this commuting is done on public transport there are a high proportion of commuters who are spending hours every day driving long distances just to get to work in order to make a living. For those people who fall into this category, motorways play a big part in their daily commute so it is important to choose the right car, after all they will be spending a lot of time in it.

Here are a few points to consider when looking for a car for driving long distances.

Fuel Efficiency on long car journeys

cars on a motorway on a long distance journeys

Fuel prices are still at a relatively good level, which is great for long distance drivers. But despite this, and for a very good reason, fuel economy is still one big deciding factor for many drivers when looking at new cars. Fuel economy overall is much higher than it was even a few years ago. Just 30 years ago 30 mpg would have been considered a fantastic figure, but today those cars that find themselves in the top ten, run at nothing less than 80 mpg. Diesel powered cars are the most fuel-efficient cars overall, however this efficiency does come at a cost.


Diesel cars, which are great when it comes to fuel efficiency and therefore fuel costs are typically more complicated cars to put right when it comes to repairs. These more complex engines could end up costing you more in repair bills so it is worth weighing up the costs saved on fuel versus the costs associated with repairs.

Safety Features

Driving long distances, especially on the motorway can be draining it is worth looking at cars with features like cruise control and lane drift to help make your journey a little easier, and safer. Of course, if you do find yourself getting sleepy at the wheel you should always stop and take a break as you could be a danger to yourself and other drivers.

When driving a long distance journey it is essential to be comfortable

Being behind the wheel for long periods of time can not only be tiring but it can also be uncomfortable sitting in the same position for great length. Therefore, having a test drive is important; whilst you will not be driving long distances during a test drive it will give you a good feel for how comfortable a car is. Make sure you adjust the seat, see how it feels if you can’t get comfy then imagine how a long journey would feel.


A final thing to consider is how reliable a make of car is. Do some research on the internet and ask around amongst your friends. If you can’t get to your job without your car because of the distance, then an unreliable car, no matter how cheap, may cause you significant problems more often than you would like.  If you have concerns about the reliability of your vehicle perhaps its time to consider your options such as leasing, find out more here.

Now you know what to consider for long distance vehicles, you’re sure to be able to make the right choice for your circumstances.