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Maintenance Contracts

It is one of the most asked questions for vehicle leasing contracts.

Realistically there is no right or wrong answer, maintenance comes down to personal preference and is it cost effective that being said here are some fundamental things to consider when having a maintenance package or not.

Probably the most important is cost, does paying £50 per month on a vehicle that will need a service once a year make it worth having a maintenance package probably not. £50.00 X 36 months payments = £1800.00 now divided into the amount of years 3 = £600.00 per year against one service that is probably going to cost a lot less. Now this process of working out the cost effectiveness of a maintenance package can work the other way when doing high mileage contracts.

Next comes the manufacturers routine service intervals, if the vehicle is covers by “10,000 miles or 12 months which ever comes first” doing low mileage means you are only going to see one service a year and then you go back to the calculation to see what is most cost effective. Now if the vehicle is on “18,000 or 12 months which ever comes first” and you are a driver who does high mileage lets say 40,000 miles per annum you will see at least two possibly three services in a 12 month period now finding the money to pay for 3 services a year and 9 over the term of the contract it will probably be more cost effective to have a maintenance package. Now in some cases vehicles will be on “variable service intervals” when the vehicles on board computer will inform you when the vehicle will need a service now this is down to distance travelled in the vehicle and also how you drive, late braking and late gear changes can effect when the vehicle needs a service, we have had vehicles require 3 services in the 1st year when the vehicle has only done 8,000 miles. We have seen vehicles be returned with 36,000 miles after 3 years and only ever had one service. Also checking the fluids and tyre pressures also have an impact.

Next comes the actual deal on the vehicle, if you have a fantastic monthly rental on a vehicle and is well under your monthly budget having the maintenance might be worth having as piece of mind. For example if your budget is £150.00 and the deal is £128.00 and the maintenance cost is £18.00 your total cost will be £146.00 which fits the budget and means you do not have to pay for the services at all.

Last of all it is just down to personal preference, we have clients that do 6,000 miles per annum and have a maintenance package and we have clients who do 35,000 miles per annum and do not have a maintenance package. It is about having all the information and being able to make an informed decision.

If you need any more assistance or advise please feel free to contact us on the main office number.