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Manufacturers car names, the best and worst!

Car Names - Are Manufactures Running out of Ideas?

To be fair to car manufacturers all over the world, there are new makes and models being released all the time, so it must be increasingly difficult to get it just right, especially when it comes to thinking up new car names.

Over the course of history there have been more than a few occasions when they have got this spectacularly wrong, although there have been a few occasions when they have got it just right. Of course, some of the names may just have lost a certain something in translation!

Manufacturers car names Duster, feather or car?

Household Cleaning Object?**

The Dacia Duster, this one is quite a modern contender, and certainly near the top of the list for worst car names ever, although it must be said that is it actually an incredibly popular compact SUV in the UK. Not a bad car but come on Dacia, really Duster? The name really lets it down!

Cars Named for Food

Mitsubishi seems to have a fondness for bad car names with both the Pistachio, which was manufactured in both yellow and lime green, and the lettuce a car with 2 doors on the passenger side and just one on the driver’s side, and disappointingly it only came in white. And if you have never heard of either of them then there is probably a very good reason they never caught on!

Minibus / Vans ar not excluded form manufacturers bad car names

Nissan badly named van

There are two strong contenders in this category for the worst name; the Nissan Homy Super Long, an extra-long minibus / van, and the Mazda Bongo Friendee. Some versions of the Mazda came complete with pop up roof, very evocative of camping at festivals, and it has to be said that the name certainly brings a smile to your face.

Ford hit the jackpot with the name of their car, the Mustang

Manufacturers Ford chose the best name for the Mustang

One of the most famous car names in the world, and one in particular that is known by its model rather than its make. When they picked this name Ford  were not horsing around and certainly ticked all the right boxes.

Rolls Royce

The car name is synonymous with luxurious and elegant travel and they certainly know how to pick a name, and when you get something right why change it? Following the success of the Rolls Royce Phantom, a car that almost appears to glide along with elegance and beauty, many of the subsequent models have simply had a number added to the name. Then there are the equally elegant and luxurious Silver Ghost, Silver Cloud and even the Silver Shadow; simple? Maybe. Safe? Possibly. But perfect for the vehicles? Definitely.

Ford Ka

Ford Ka logo best name or worst?

A car that could belong to either category, either someone was having an off day with an inability to create a new name or this name was a positive stroke of genius. Love it or hate it, it certainly deserves a mention. Of course, as with so many car names the Ford Ka works much better in its original language, leading to many a humorous conversation- but it doesn’t work quite as well in countries where English is not the common language.

We’d love to hear which car name is your favourite, and which you think is the worst – is it one mentioned here, we have only scratched the surface!? Let us know!