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How to Master Driving safely in 6 Simple Steps

A car symbol with the caption 'Safe driving how you help keep roads safe'

Mastering driving safely can be tricky, read our 6 simple steps to help you drive confidently and safely.

1. Know your road signs.

Brushing up on your highway code and making sure that you know your road signs is a really simple and easy way to master driving safely. Knowing your road signs makes you more confident when driving and can help prevent really simple mistakes like going down a one-way street by accident (trust me it is easier than you think!)

2. Practice driving with someone you trust.

Whether you have your license or you are learning practicing driving with someone you trust is a brilliant way to get your confidence up and make sure you are doing little things like signaling where you should be and checking your mirrors. Practicing driving familiar and unfamiliar routes with a friend or family member can help improve your confidence and pick up any bad habits that you might have slipped into- we all have them!

3. Make sure you are sitting comfortably.

Sitting in the right position, so you can reach the steering wheel and pedals easily, as well as being able to see in all your mirrors while being in a comfortable position is an important way of making sure your driving is as accurate and as safe as it can be. Having all your controls in easy reach means you can react to situations quickly, and having a clear view in your mirrors means you can see hazards as well as possible.

4. Minimize distractions.

When you drive it is really important to make sure you are as focused as possible on the task at hand in order for you to proceed safely. Turn your phone onto silent before you start so you are not tempted to peek at any calls or text messages and put it securely in a bag or pocket. Make sure any loose items in the vehicle are secured so you are not distracted or hampered by water bottles rolling about etc.

5. Understand your car.

Understanding a little bit about how your car works is a helpful step in learning to drive safely. Engine braking is something few people can understand, but is a really important tool in slowing down your vehicle. Take some time to do a bit of research on how your car works, watching YouTube videos can be a fun way to learn something new.

6. Learn your controls.

Before starting on a journey make sure you know where your window-wipers and de-mister is. These are both controls which help improve your visibility and you can’t drive safely if you are fiddling with controls!