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Music Effects The Way We Drive

How does music effect the way you drive?

Studies have shown that the music you listen to is connected with anxiolytic and analgesic properties, this is why music is played in many situations in hospital to help relax patients, help relieve pain, confusion and anxiety.
Music is read differently by the brain and unlike nonmusical tones is connected to many different areas of the brain.

How does music effect you as a driver?

The music you listen to in your car can effect the way that you drive, a familiar song can distract you, potentially casting a memory happy or sad.
Its not just your emotions that change, some drivers are inclined to turn up the sound which momentarily takes your concentration away from the road, all be it for a few seconds.

Happy drivers listening to music whilst driving

We all know that listening to music we love puts us in a good mood, sunny days with up beat tunes can put us in a good mood, this effects the way we drive, and how we respond to other drivers.
Where as if you are stressed, in a hurry and the wrong music is playing this can further set you back, creating more stress, which effects your driving, making you less tolerable to your fellow drivers.

Choosing the right music to drive to

Playing music according to a study (McCaffrey & Locsin, 2004) has an effect of significant decrease in physiological indicators of stress. Music is all around us to helping us to relax however most of us are pretty much unaware of it. For example when we go shopping many of the larger retailers have music playing in the back ground, which is aimed at their particular target market.
If you go to a restaurant which caters for all age groups you will find softer non targeted music. Next time you are out and about have a listen.

ladies driving happy with music

Music and emotions A study in 1990 found that 80% of adults surveyed responded to music by way of laughter, tears and thrills, whilst a further study (Blood & Zatorre, 2001) found that the same pleasure centers of the brain are activated when listening to music as eating chocolate, having sex or taking drugs.

So next time you put on a play list whilst driving think about your mood that day, you pretty much will be doing this without thinking as you scroll through, however make a conscious effort to think about how you are feeling emotionally, and choose the music which will brighten your mood!

What music do you listen to, and how does it effect your driving?