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New 2017 Audi A4 – Interior

Audi interior

According to Audi, 90% of the new 2017 A4 is brand new!

Even though the dimensions and proportions have hardly changed, all the little details have been tweaked and improved to create an all-around better car, especially on the inside. Some of the highlights are:

Smart Ambient Lighting

Not only can you change the interior ambient lighting to more than a dozen different colors, but you can also link it to blind-spot warning system. This way, when you go to open the door, the ambient lighting in the doors will flash red if there’s a car or cyclist about to pass the car so you don’t door them.

Fixed Nav Screen

One of Audi’s key party tricks has been its retractable navigation screens, which hide in the dash when not in use. Although the A4’s looks retractable, it’s not. Audi decided to save time and money after a survey revealed almost no one ever actually deliberately hid the screen.

3-Zone Automatic Climate Control

Sometimes, you’re just lucky to get A/C vents in the rear seat. In the new A4, you not only get vents, but you can also control the temperature to the degree from the rear seat. The other two zones are for the front-seat passengers, who get touch-sensitive controls that bring up hidden menus when you touch them lightly.