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No Deal Brexit - No Longer Recognised UK Driving Licence!

What Does a ‘No Deal’ BREXIT Mean For Drivers?

A no deal Brexit could mean your UK driving license will not be recognised in some European countries.

As Theresa May battles her way through the BREXIT deal she announced that there could be a ‘no deal’ which will have a huge impact on those who drive in Europe for business and pleasure.

We are currently able to drive around Europe on our UK driving license at ease and in the comfort that our UK driving license carry s clout. However should there be a ‘no deal’ BREXIT it will have an impact on what we have become used to. An impact paper by the government states “your driving license may no longer be valid by itself when driving in the EU” Furthermore it also states that “If you move to another EU country to live, you may not be bale to exchange your licence after the UK has left the EU”

If you are planning to cross the channel you will be required to have at least 6 months left on your passport to be able to enter EU countries.

If a UK license is not valid, what then?

If there is a ‘No Deal’ then drivers will need to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) this will cost approximately £5.50 and can be obtained from the Post Office, these will be available from February 2019. There are different IDP’s depending on the country you are planning to drive in, these are determined by which ever Geneva convention the country is governed by-

UK Driving License No Longer Enough After 'No Deal' BREXIT

The following has been taken from the Government website-

‘The 1949 convention IDP lasts for 12 months. After 28 March 2019 in the EU, a UK issued 1949 IDP would be recognised in Ireland, Spain, Malta and Cyprus. The 1968 convention IDP is valid for 3 years, or for however long your driving licence is valid, if that date is earlier. The UK ratified the 1968 convention on 28 March 2018, as a part of our EU exit preparations. The 1968 convention will come into force for the UK on 28 March 2019. After 28 March 2019, a UK issued 1968 convention IDP would be recognised in all other EU countries, plus Norway and Switzerland.’

In conclusion if you drive in an EU country after March 2019 you will need-

  • The appropriate IDP
  • Your driving license

What do UK drivers think?

The RAC recently carried out a survey which showed that drivers have concerns regarding BREXIT and driving in the EU.
Four in 10 of all the drivers responded believe that it will get more expensive to travel in the EU, whilst 55% think it will be more of a hassle.

What are your thoughts on driving in the EU after BREXIT?