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Flying Cars - No really!

Flying Cars - PAL-V have the solution

Flying Cars the future of motoring

The concept of a flying car is nothing new, however as we see increases in traffic on our roads, with congestion taking up far to much of our valuable time, are we seeing a shift in how we are planning to motor in the future?
PAL-V have already began marketing their flying cars ready for 2020, but who are PAL-V and what are they offering?

How did the flying car come about?

Co-Founder John Bakker began flying in 1999, and became frustrated by the fact that once he had flown somewhere he had to leave his plane and then drive on to his destination. Thus always having to leave a vehicle (plane/helicopter and car) somewhere on his journey.

The Flying car had to be wingless Having wings on a car, and the car still functioning as it should was not an option for PAL-V, instead they opted for rotas. Instantly many of us will think of a helicopter, however the rotas on a PAL-V vehicle are rotated by air flow, rather than by an engine which is the case for helicopters.
Therefore a PAL-V flying cars in flight mode are gyroplanes.

PAL-V Flying cars

After testing many different aviation platforms the gyroplane route was found to be much more suitable to a flying car-

  • Flying gyroplanes is safe and easy to learn
  • It is easier to store the sleek rota system on top of the car.

In 2003 PAL-V still faced two fundamental problems-

  • Landing safely on 4 wheels
  • Storing the rota’s on top of the car, whilst in flight is ideal, but whilst driving a car around corners would make the car potentially tip over. A breakthrough through came in 2005 with Dutch company Carver, who successfully implemented a tilting system which would make flying cars safe to drive on the road.

PAL-V Flying cars

The conversion from car to plane, and vice versa, takes approximate 5 - 10 minutes

Buying a flying car

Almost 15 years later and after many designs and rigorous testing, PAL-V began its public launch of the PAL-V Liberty flying car.

The first PAL-V Liberty models will be limited editions, and will make the beginning of the flying car era. Only 90 models will be available worldwide to purchase.

Once these models have been sold the PAL-V Liberty Sports Model will be available to purchase, priced at 299,000 Euros. If you cannot wait to get behind the wheel of a flying car, then you can register your interest via their website.

Flying cars, is this the future of car leasing, what do you think about flying cars?