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Petrol or Diesel Engine?

Petrol or diesel, which is the best choice for you?

It can be difficult to decide which fuel type to choose when leasing your next car, unless you decide of course to go for a hybrid or all out electric, which is the better fuel type for you are your travelling requirements?  In some cases, car manufacturers do not give you a choice, with many city cars only coming with petrol engines.  The main difference between petrol and diesel are emissions and economy.  Diesel engines will normally be more fuel efficient than a comparison petrol engine.  With the new Road Tax increase which focuses on CO2 emissions means you should be paying less for a diesel vehicle.

The distance of your journeys should sway your choice between petrol and diesel

petrol and diesel pump

When looking at the best fuel type for you, and you are considering diesel as a good option you also need to consider the length of journey you are making.  All Diesel cars must be fitted with a DPF, these are designed to self-clean, or regenerate this is usually triggered when the vehicle is doing speeds of over 50 mph.  This is fine if you are travelling on motorways for example but you will be running into problems if you are only using your car around town.  This could cause the DPF to block and could be expensive to repair.  You would be then better off going for a specifically designed city car which will have a petrol engine.

As with all new cars, test driving is essential and test driving the type of vehicle you want with both a diesel and petrol engine so you can fully feel the difference.  Diesel engines will tend to be more powerful at lower revs.

Change in opinions on diesel engines

There has been a lot in the media recently regarding diesel engines and that they may not be as environmentally friendly as first thought.  There have been reports of extra charges for diesel vehicles within cities such as London.  Diesel engines produce more pollutants such as nitrous oxides, hydrocarbons and other particulates, it is believed in the future that petrol engines will be modified to be more environmentally friendly than diesel engines.

How to get a petrol or diesel vehicle

At UltracCar we lease all makes and models of vehicle both petrol and diesel.  By leasing you will only have your vehicle for 3 years, and then you can exchange for a newer model.  This could be extremely helpful with the ever changing and improving of engines, meaning you will only ever be up to date with the latest technology.