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Plug in your Bentleys

Bentley Hybrid Concept in front of a mountain range

Bentley Motors has announced the launch of the Bentley Hybrid Concept, a technology showcase that previews a new powerful and efficient powertrain, which will be introduced in the Bentley SUV in 2017.

The debut of this engine concept will be at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition on Sunday 20th April:

Bentley Hybrid Concept engine

Bentley boss Wolfgang Durheimer has confirmed that the first electrified Bentley is at least two years away, “The first electrified Bentley will come in the Bentayga in 2018”.

“Before we see a pure electric Bentley, we’ll see plug-ins on all model lines”, he said. “It’s not only a bridging technology, it’s a solution for the future.”

This is where hybrid will play a big part for companies like Bentley. It satisfies the wants and needs of the brand’s biggest markets, while also meeting potential EV-only legislation in city centres across the globe.

Bentley Hybrid Concept interior

The plug-in hybrid system will offer a power increase of up to 25% together with a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions, both without any compromise to the exquisite luxury and powerful performance for which Bentley has become renowned.

Bentley Hybrid Concept driving on a hillside