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Flashy cars with flashy lights, its the Police fleet!

Police cars home & abroad

UK Police cars - Ford Mustang

Have you noticed how police cars are becoming more and more high performance?  Gone are the days from the old panda cars, the police now have the opportunity to drive Ford Mustangs and top end Range Rovers!

Don’t get me wrong I think the police do an amazing job and should have vehicles that will help them to carry out their work efficiently and effectively.  So lets take a look at what sort of vehicles are out there in the police fleet.

Police Patrol Cars

The police patrol fleet is generally made up of vehicles which are low budget and economical such as the Corsa, Focus and Fiesta.  Depending on the forces procurement policies will depend on the size of the engine and not all of the fleet will be marked.  This means they can be used for other duties such as Diary cars.

police cars SEG unmarked Range Rover

But there are some gems in there for example, if you are part of the Special Escort Group or SEG you will find yourself behind the wheel of a Land Rover Range Rover or a BMW 5 Series.  The vehicles in this part of the fleet can be marked or unmarked.  The Special Escort Group interestingly whilst on a motorbike are among the few who are permitted to carry firearms openly while riding.

The police seem to like their crossovers to, and its not unusual to see Mokka’s and Dacia Dusters signed up in the fight against crime.

The main hardcore vehicles seem to be made up of Land Rovers and BMW’s, is this because they are excellent cars, or just that they have negotiated the best deals with the force?

To see in more depth what are police force are driving take a look here

Police cars further a field

UAE police cars Bugatti Veyron

No surprise to find the best police cars patrolling the streets are in the UAE where you will see the latest Bugatti cruising in Dubai, and I should imagine desperately wanting to get involved in a car chase.  Closer to home in Germany they have the Mercedes Benz Brabus Rocket CLS custom built topping 227mph.  Of course not to be out done on style the Italian police have a Lamborghini Gallardo at their disposal.

Can you spot an unmarked police car?

Well if you are driving sensibly yes you should be able to, but not by the many aerials sprouting from the roof, those days are gone!  If there is a BMW driving very sensibly and there seems to be a lot of equipment on the dash, these are two good signs of an unmarked police car.  Also the police have to carry a lot of equipment about with them, so look for low back ends heavy from a full boot.  Other signs which are almost impossible to see, cameras in the number plates and lights behind the grille.  The best thing to do is just stick to the speed limit, because you never know who is watching you.

Runlock systems in Police vehicles

Most of the police vehicles are fitted with a runlock system (not to be confused with line lock, which is a whole new ball game!)  This allows the engine in the vehicle to continue running without the keys in.  This is so all the extra equipment needed within the vehicle can still run, and not drain the battery.  And before you think it may be a bit dodgy leaving the vehicle left running with smart arses around, as soon as the hand brake is let off the engine will die.  The vehicle will only drive if it has the key in the ignition.