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Record breaking in the car world

When it comes to world records there are quite a few associated with cars that spring to mind.

Of course, as well as those more obvious ones there are some rather unusual ones as well and even a few accidental ones. And, with advances in the motor industry happening all the time new records are being set on a regular basis.

Record breaking donut

Jamie Marrow king of the donuts

And no I don’t mean the sugary kind. Jamie Morrow (UK) holds the record for the most consecutive donuts (spins) with 280, a record he set on 4th September 2011 in front of an estimated audience of 5,000 people. The Latvian Drift Association hold the world record for the most cars performing donuts simultaneously. On 7th September 2012, a total of 115 cars took part in the attempt, however 8 of the cars broke the rules, but they still managed to set the record with 107 cars.

Longest Continuous Skid

He might not have been trying for it but Norman Craig Breedlove (USA) has the honour of holding the record for the longest continuous skid mark recorded. In October 1964 his car, the jet-powered Spirit of America, went out of control and skidded nearly 10km, that’s 6 miles. The longest skid marks recorded on a public road measured 290m and were made by a Jaguar which was involved in an accident on the M1 near Luton in June 1960. Evidence given in court following the accident indicated that the driver had been travelling at over 100mph before applying the brakes.

The need for speed

Hold onto your hat because the official land-speed record is held by Andy Green (UK) with a speed of 1,227.985 km/h (763.035 mi/h), which he set on 15th October 1997 in Thrust SSC. Incidentally this car is also the first one to break the sound barrier. And if you are looking for the fastest car that can legally carry a license plate, and is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records, then look no further than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport which has a top speed of 268mph, but with a price tag of around $1.7million, don’t worry there are not too many of these around!

Austin Coulson, smallest car breaks world record

Size isn’t everything with this record breaker

The record for the world’s smallest roadworthy car is held by Austin Coulson from the USA. His car measured 63.5cm high and 65.41cm wide and 126.47cm deep. This record has stood since 7th September 2012.

Unusual fuel breaking records

Coffee run car in the world records

Most of us need a little caffeine to get us up and running in the morning well it would appear so do some cars. A Volkswagen Scirocco powered by coffee granules heated in a charcoal fire managed a distance of 337km (London to Manchester) in March 2010. It is reported that the car which can reach speeds of 60mph can achieve 1 mile per 56 espressos! The sped record for a coffee powered vehicle is held by UK engineer and conservationist Martin Bacon. He set the record in his “Bean Machine”, a converted Ford P100 pick-up with an average speed of 105.451 km/h (65.536 mph)

Unusual, amazing or just plain impressive, it’s clear that car manufacturers are keen to carry on breaking records – what will be next, we wonder!