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Renault Captur Review 2018

The Renault Captur Review

Although you won’t be doing any off-roading in this crossover, Renault have been clever and taking the nations appetite for crossovers, created what is essentially a Renault Clio and made it a chunky little SUV.

The Renault Captur is not for those who enjoy speed

The Captur’s are very much geared up for the looks rather than the power. The nippy 0.9 is the perfect engine size for being in town, the 1.2 manual offers better performance for the driver; however the 1.2 in automatic gearbox will feel a little sluggish to get going. If you are looking for a Renault Captur that can cope with driving on the motorways then focus on the 1.5 diesel engines again staying with manual. You still won’t feel as if you are speeding along, but you will feel as if you have the right to be there! If you are planning on doing more motorway driving then other small crossovers would be a better choice such as the Nissan Juke.

Renault Captur Review 2018

Driving comfort in a Renault Captur

On the UK roads with all the pot holes you need a car that can cope and the Captur does with good soft suspension which soaks up the bumps well. You will be hard pushed to find a better small crossover to give you a more comfortable ride around the towns. Once you hit the motorways again nice and smooth, which will make up for the perhaps less than powerful engines. The Captur handles nicely, which is no surprise given its roots are from the Clio, you are essentially driving a Clio on stilts. Therefore you are getting that hatchback handling from a height.

The Renault Captur Review- Interior

The interior of the Capture

Many enjoy the height of the crossovers hence the popularity, the Capture has a very nice position for drivers and passengers alike. Visibility for the driver is good front and sides, however the rear window could be considered small. The passengers however have good visibility, which is great if you have children in the back. There is a good amount of adjustment for the drivers seating, along with an adjustable steering wheel this means most drivers will find a comfortable position.

Infotainment Renaults R&Go system comes as standard this allows you to very easily transfer your smart phone over to the infotainment. Its worth considering going for the Dynamique Nav you getter a slightly better spec with a 7inch touch screen with UK satnav. Renault has created the system well making it easy to use whilst driving, and therefore less distracting. Its easy to see why the Capturs are going out to families, as it offers good space for kids in the back, whilst passengers in the front have good leg space. However it is the boot space that will impress, having adjustable flooring making it very practicable. Great for loading up the weekly big shop, room for all the kid’s paraphernalia, and with the adjustable flooring being able to be flush with the load lip, you can get even the most bulky item in.

The Renault Captur Review - Infotainment

Renault Captur Review Summary

The Captur has had a recent facelift in 2018, making it even more appealing. This is a great family crossover, and at UltraCar we are leasing more and more to people with an un healthy credit score. Why should mainstream customers have all the fun!
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