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Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain 2017

How many fatalities occur on UK Roads each day?

According to the latest report from the Department of Transport there are on average 5 fatalities and 468 casualties which occur on our roads daily.

There were 24,831 serious road traffic incidents reported to the police in 2017, and 170,993 casualties of varying severity in 2017, which was a decrease of 6% compared to 2016 and the lowest on record. However this number could be inconclusive due to non fatal and very slight injuries not being reported to the police, along with new systems brought in for the Metropolitan Police of online self-reporting, which would have an impact on the overall numbers.
Traffic levels in the UK have increased by 1.1% between 2016 and 2017

Fatalities increse for motorbikes

Where is the safest place to travel in the UK?

According to the report the safest place to travel is in Scotland, where there has been a drop of 24% in fatalities compared with 2016. the worst place to travel is in the west midlands where there was a rise in fatalities by 23% compared with the previous year. Wales had no change, and London saw an increase of 13%, whilst the South East saw a drop by 5%.

Which road users are most at risk of fatality?

Motorcycles are the most at risk 349 fatalities in 2017 which is a 9% increase from the previous year, this is despite more stringent tests being put into place over the years. Pedestrians are the next affected 470 which is an increase of 5%, 36% of the accidents occurred between 3pm and 7pm.

Cars 787 fatalities which is down by 4%, 68% were drivers and 32% were passengers. The fall could be an impact of various in car safety features, surely as the cars become more smart, we will see a further decrease. Cyclist fatalities are also down, but only by 1%, 101 killed on our road in 2017 - with more awareness campaigns and cycle lanes being implemented we would hope to see a larger decrease in 2018.

Pedestrian fatalities increase

Who is most at risk?

The average age of a fatality is 48. 66% of people killed on our roads are aged between 18-59, 31% are over the age of 60, with 3% of fatalities being children between the age of 0 - 15.

To see the Department of transports full report see here