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Enjoy your journey without a Sat Nav

How Putting Away Your Sat Nav Could Improve Your Journey

Lorry stuck when Sat Nav took a narrow road

Whether you have an inbuilt Sat Nav system in your car or a separate one that you can move from car to car, they have been around for quite a while now. In fact, it’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t really have one in the car, or when we didn’t use them to make even the simplest of journeys, in fact it’s very common for people who are visiting you for the first time to ask for your postcode because they need to put it in their Sat Nav. If you try to give them any specific directions to your home they just say it will be fine the Sat Nav will get them there.

Local journeys

Are you guilty of using your Sat Nav for a simple local journey that you have done time and time again? Why, you know the route and if you have lived in the area for many years then you will also know enough about the roads that if you hit major traffic, or an accident or even a detour you will be able to make the appropriate alterations to your journey without waiting for your Sat Nav to hopefully plot an appropriate course for you. Trust your own ability to make those changes, enjoy your drive you don’t always need to rely on technology to get you there.

Map Reading

It’s all very well using Sat Navs, but in a recent interview, the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) stated their concerns that this increasing use of technology is giving rise to a generation who are losing the ability to read maps; to find their way by more traditional methods. Figures show that this is especially the case in the under 25 age category.

This is an important skill that has many applications, not just on the roads and one that we need to keep. Using a map to help plot your journey makes it easier to plot a more interesting journey that lets you take in some of the countryside and interesting local places to stop.

driver using Sat Nav

Sat Navs are not infallible

How often have you been sent written direction to a new place only to see the instructions state that you should follow your Sat Nav until you reach a particular point, then continue on but following the remainder of the printed instructions. Perhaps you have followed your Sat Nav instructions only to find yourself in a cul-de-sac, with the road you actually want not accessible from where you are. There are certain times when incorrect directions can lead to you finding yourself in a tight spot, if you are just in a car turning around and retracing your steps isn’t too difficult but now imagine trying to do this if you are a long vehicle or are towing something lengthy like a caravan.

Relying less on technology and more on your own sense of direction and sign reading skills can sometimes be the best option.

Are you guilty of relying on your Sat Nav?