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Skoda Concept Car Vision X

From concept to creation skoda’s SUV will be available in 2019

As a rule Skoda stick pretty much to their concept design, and the Vision X will be no different. It will perhaps have a few little tweaks to stay ahead of the competition, and to meet the customers requirements/expectations of an SUV on the market in 2019.
The currently named Vision X is yet to be christened, but lets hope that is a name fitting to what many agree is the best looking Skoda so far.

The Vision X interior will be filled with technology, including a large central touch screen and digital dials. The ambient lighting currently in the concept car is rumored to stay for production, and gives a nice touch to the cabin.

The exterior design of the Vision X looks bulky, but in a good way, once inside driving you begin to realise that the dimensions of this SUV are smaller than it appears.

Whatever the model will be named in 2019 with a cost starting at around £16,000, it should slip in nicely into an already competitive class, and hold its own.

Skoda Vision X

Check out the video on the Skoda website here

Skoda’s Other Concept Car

Skoda’s Concept car which has not yet gone beyond a design vision is the Vision E.

Skoda’s first ever fully electric five-door SUV coupé. According to Skoda ‘driven by positive energy’ check out the concepts video here

Skoda Vision X

Other Skoda News

Skoda launches fun Geocaching campaign

Something cool that Skoda have launched this summer is their Skoda coins hidden around the world at various caches. The Skoda Website explains “Become a cacher, find all five ŠKODA Heritage coins and get rewarded for your photos!  There are 500 coins travelling around the world at the moment. Five different coins show five legendary cars that helped determine what ŠKODA is today”

To find out more about Geocaching take a look at the geocaching website

Let us know if you find one!