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Small Cars, Small is the new Medium!

Are Small Cars Getting Bigger?

Have you noticed that small cars don’t seem to be that small any more? They certainly seem to have got bigger. It isn’t just the one manufacturer the majority seem to be doing it, so if you are looking for a new small car it is worth noting that some models which you might have considered to be small cars are now medium sized and in their place, is a new smaller car.

Why are cars getting bigger?

There are 3 main reasons that cars are getting bigger:

  • To compete in an increasingly competitive market, car manufacturers need to listen to what customers want, and that is bigger cars. In some countries, bigger cars are a status symbol, in others, people simple want more space for passengers and all the bits and pieces they need to carry around. Manufacturers are responding to this demand, because if they don’t they could lose sales.

  • Studies have shown that larger cars are safer, not only for drivers and their passengers but also for pedestrians as well. This is to do with the proportions of the bonnet on a car in respect of where the engine, the heaviest and hardest bit of a car sits.

  • Not all big cars are gas guzzlers, in fact with modern engines and bigger frameworks many larger cars are more fuel efficient, whilst being more powerful. They are certainly more economical in the long room, which can give some definite food for thought when looking for a new car.

VW Golf once a small car, now sitting in medium.

small cars getting bigger VW Golf

Once a very firm favourite with small car buyers, the VW Golf has certainly grown over the years. In 2011 Volkswagen introduced the Up to their range, this new small car took the place of the now much bigger golf in their range. The big question here is why not simply keep the golf the small car and firm favourite that it was and introduce the Up as the larger car. The answer lies in the development of the Golf, over the years the golf had been getting a little bigger with each model that Volkswagen introduced so rather than revert to its previous size they simply filled the gap in their range with a new model. And the reason for a new small car, well even though buyers had been showing a preference for larger cars as more and more people take to the roads there is certainly a market for a smaller car.

Vauxhall Corsa

The same can be said for Vauxhall. The Corsa, the small car of their range, has grown over the years to fill the demand for larger cars. And in its place Vauxhall began selling the Adam in 2013, billed as a city car, rather than a small car, it seems clear that their main target audience is younger drivers in big cities where space is at a premium.

Fiat 500 the ultimate small car

Fiat 500 will always be the iconic small car

Some models never change. The Fiat 500 remains the small car it has always been, and Fiat have bucked the trend to increase the size of their small car and then introduce a smaller car to their range. The Fiat 500X, released in 2014 is their bigger version, whilst the Fiat 500 remains the small car that they are known for.

Are you a small car fanatic? Have you noticed the trend for bigger cars and do you love or loathe the idea of driving something bigger? We’d love to hear your thoughts!