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How to get stains out of cloth car seats

How do I get stains out of cloth car seats?

Unfortunately the combination of cloth seats and cars is not always a good one, and we cannot always blame the kids or the dog! Its a fact of life that if you eating or drinking in your car whilst as a passenger, or driver accidents will happen.

Stains on fabric car seats look unsightly and if you are trying to sell your car it can, and will, put people off purchasing it.

car cloth seat with stain and debris

To get stains out of your cloth car seats you will need

  1. Vacuum cleaner/hoover
  2. Fabric cleaner
  3. Sponge
  4. Absorbent cloth
  5. Clean water

Tip: Before using a fabric cleaner on your cloth seats, make sure you do a test area which is out of sight, and ALWAYS check the fabric cleaner instructions.

Tip: Clean small areas of the cloth car seat at a time. Clean the complete seat to make sure that the seat remains a consistent colour.

Stains on cloth car seat

Now you have the equipment lets get started with the method of removing the stain from the cloth car seat

  • Firstly you need to completely clear any debris, dirt, crumbs etc with a vacuum cleaner ensuring that the fabric seat is clean. Spray the cleaner over the stain on the cloth seat (as per recommendations on the bottle).

  • Dampen the sponge (do not soak) and begin to rub in the cleaner. Make sure you put plenty of effort in and constantly rinse the sponge. If you continue to rinse the sponge you should avoid spreading the stain further.

  • The stain should lifted into the foam, so once you are satisfied that the stubborn stain is no longer visible, you should start using your absorbent cloth.

  • Using your absorbent cloth begin to pad the car seat to collect up the foam. Repeat this with regular wringing out to make sure that the absorbent cloth remains dry. Once their is no moisture left on the cloth car seat to be absorbed, that area is completed.

  • Now repeat the method on the rest of the cloth car seat to ensure and even finish.

Protect your cloth seats from the start:

If you car is new to you then it may be worth investing in car seat covers, especially if you have children or pets. Car seat covers are relatively in expensive and will protect your cloth seats from getting stained or damaged, saving a whole lot of time later on.

Selling your car with stain free seats

If you are selling your car it is important to make sure that you have completely removed any nasty looking stains. If a buyer has a couple of cars to look at and yours is the only one with stains, you will not see that buyer again (assuming the cars are like for like).

If you are selling your car this is a good time to have a think about your car requirements, do you really want to buy another or would leasing one be a better option? Take a look at our car leasing page for more information.