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Street Manager Real Time Road Works Information

Street Manager Helping Drivers To Avoid Congestion

What is Street Manager?

Street Manager is a new innovative digital system working on real time data on road works, which will be launched in 2019.

The UK government are funding a new innovative digital system which works on real time data, keeping motorists up to date on the latest road works, meaning they can better plan their journeys to avoid delays and congestion.
The government are investing £10 million into the new project, which will be free for technology companies and app developers to use.

Street Manager will replace an ineffective system currently used by local authorities.

Street Manager will help avoid congestion

Who will get to use Street Manager?

Street manager is free to use if you are developing an app or you are a technology firm.
Many drivers will see a difference in Google maps and their sat navs as they start to use the new system in 2019. This will mean that any congestion shown will be real time and not delayed data.

Who will benefit?

Those who will benefit the most are businesses who lose valuable business time being caught in traffic, delivery drivers will be able to plan a better route to avoid delays.
But of course as a driver no one wants to be stuck in traffic, therefore any drivers for personal or business will enjoy the the new system.

Road works - Street Manager real time data

Avoiding UN-Necessary Road Works

To help eliviate the problem of too many road works, approximately 2.5 billion in England alone per year, the government is also introducing a new bidding guidance on lane rental schemes.
This will enable local councils across England to be able to charge utility companies up to £2,500 per day for carrying out road works on the busies routes at peak times. For more information click this link - Government guidance of how local councils can develop the lane rental scheme The lane rental Scheme has been piloted across London and Kent which saw the busiest roads drop by half the usual congestion.

Why Is The Government Spending So Much On Street Manager?

Street manager is a small part of the governments bigger picture ‘Future of mobility grand challenge’ which sounds like something from TopGear but is in fact the governments plan to make UK A world leader in the movement of goods, services and people. Its all about the government making sure that the Uk will be ready for whatever mobility of the future throws at us. See The Governments Modern Industrial Strategy