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Summer car maintenance

Summer Car Maintenance, is your car ready?

Whilst we are having a taster of what we hope summer will be, we need to be thinking about out cars and making sure they are ready for the summer months.
Here are a couple of things you need to be thinking about for your summer car maintenance.

Even our leased city cars come with air con

Keep your engine cool this summer

In the summer an in particular in the UK during the school holidays we see an increase in traffic, and unfortunately its inevitable that at some point you are gong to find yourself in a traffic jam.
The last thing you want to do is find your car over heating in a traffic jam, or on a journey with a car full of kids. Make sure that you check your coolant levels to help your engine maintain the correct temperature.

Privacy glass helps to keep a car cool in the summer

Oil checks

It is always worth keeping a close eye on your oil levels, especially during the summer when we are more likely to be travelling longer distances.

How are your Tyres, are they maintained?

The main point of contact between your car and the road, yet surprisingly many people forget to keep a check on their tyres, further more its very easy to pick up a screw or nail without realising it (yep that was me the other day!). Make sure you check your tyres all round for foreign objects, make sure that there is a good tread and that they are t the correct pressure.
Remember if you are going away and carrying more weight, then the tyre pressure needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Test your air con before the summer hits

Keeping cool inside the car

At this time of year you really do want to be able to make use of the air con, so have a quick test of this before the summer really sets in.
If there is a problem at least you will have it repaired and ready before the heat really does kick in.

Windscreen ready

Check the levels of your screen wash, it is surprising just how dirty a windscreen gets.
If it is a particularly hot day and there is dust it will soon start making your windscreen dirty. Should there be a small shower (lets face it, there probably will be) then the spray from other cars will soon start to make your windscreen filthy.

Most modern cars will alert you to any levels getting low, however that not something you want to see whilst stuck on a motorway, so be savvy and get your summer car maintenance under way.

Car leasing

If you lease a vehicle then you are still responsible for the day to day maintenance of that car. Therefore if your engine fails because you have not been maintaining the oil levels correctly, you will be responsible for repairing/replacing that engine.

Enjoy your lease car but also be summer car maintenance savvy!