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Runway technology on the road

New LED’s to stop drifting

Highways England have installed 175 LED lighting studs in Merseyside at the switch junction.
The lighting studs can be seen from 900 meters away. They mark the lanes to help prevent drivers drifting out of their lanes.

How do the LED studs work?

The LED lighting studs have a network of cables beneath the road which are linked to the traffic lights at the junction, as soon as the traffic lights go green the LED’s light up.

The LED’s area similar type of lighting used on on airport runways, and have been implemented to help with safety at the junction which connects the M57 and M58 along with 3 different A roads. It is said that approximately 90,000 vehicles pass through the junction on a daily basis. The project cost to improve safety at the junction is an estimated £3 million, with the LED’s taking a part of the cost.
The junction will also see new traffic lights, a new road layout, barriers, high friction surface and a 400 metre cycle path.

New LED's at Switch Island Junction

Why is the junction getting such a big face lift?

The Switch Island Junction saw an average of one traffic collision every fortnight over a period of 2 years. It remains to be seen how much difference the new safety precautions will make.
However any improvement on a dated busy junction can only be a good thing for all that use it.

Other junctions

Most of the junctions in the UK are dated and are in desperate need of updating. Most implemented when there were less cars on the road and certainly when there was less technology within the cars we drive today.
However I wonder how long it will take to get upgrades considering the current state of our road surfaces!