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Three Great Moments in Car History

There are many great moments in car history, but for me the greatest moments are when elitist ideas are made available and affordable to everyone.

Electric Car

A black Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is one of the first fully electric cars suitable for the general market! This fully electric car has 200- 250 km of range, meaning that you can travel a fair distance without needing to be charged. Charging is also vastly inexpensive, with average overnight electricity rates being 10p, meaning that your Nissan Leaf can run on as little as 2p per mile! It really was a great moment in car history when an electric car was made affordable to the public!

Self-Driving Car

A Tesla Steering Wheel

Tesla have paved the way for the self-drive car! An incredible feat of human engineering means that the car of the future is here! With 12 ultrasonic sensors, the self-drive car has been updated from Tesla’s last model to detect hard and soft objects at nearly twice the distance of the previous sensors. The self-drive car is huge leap in a positive direction to help those that can’t drive themselves to gain independence and comfort. The safety features of the self-drive car are also remarkable, as this technology progresses we could see a significant drop in car related accidents!


Red Toyota Hybrid

The hybrid is another triumph similar to the Nissan Leaf. With the Toyota Prius becoming the first hybrid available to the general public, the Toyota paved the way for more economical modes of transport! The Prius is now in its fourth generation and is set to establish new benchmarks in fuel economy, emissions and efficiency.