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Top 5 Leasing FAQ's for 2017

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Here are some questions that come up time and time again - here are the answers!

Q. Do I need to complete a MOT for my lease car?

A. A MOT is only required on any car after a three year period. Therefore, unless your lease term exceeds a three year period, you will not need to obtain a MOT certificate.

Q. Can you explain 3+23 for a 2 year contract or 3+35 on a 3 year car leasing agreement?

A. Car leasing deals are usually calculated over a 2 or 3 year term. Deals are advertised as 3+23 or 3+35 contracts. The ‘3’ stands for 3 payments in advance, then +23 or +35 equates to the quantity of payments you will pay throughout the contract term. You will also see deals advertised for comparison on different payments profiles, for example 6+23 and 6+35; this allows our customers to see other options available. Some customers prefer to pay a higher payment at the front of the lease, which in turn reduces the monthly rental amount for the balance of the contract.

Q. Are all lease cars brand new with no previous owners?

A. 99% of car leasing offers are calculated on brand new cars, however some finance companies will process leasing contracts on cars up to 12 months old. All of the car leasing deals on our website are brand new UK vehicles, supplied via UK main dealerships, unless stated otherwise.

Q. What is maintenance?

**A. **You can opt to include what is called a ‘maintenance package’ in with the price of your lease read the full info here. This generally covers you for your annual car service and any wear and tear items which need replacing (excluding damage). Please check the full content of the package with the supplying dealer, as some maintenance packages may exclude tyres and/or exhausts.

Q. Is delivery included in the leasing price?

**A. **The majority of car leasing deals include delivery to a UK mainland address of your choice. You can verify this with your main dealer contact or check the deal details section on your car of choice.

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