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Top 5 Stocking Fillers For Car Lovers

  1. Avantree 12v USB adaptor

What do you charge in the car – navigation or phone? And who needs the phone charger most of all? Banish those arguments with a handy adaptor, featuring two USB outputs.

Avantree 12v USB adaptor

That means you can charge two phones at once if you need to – and you can use the standard USB cable instead of buying a specific in car charger.

  1. Ferrari F1 calendar

Filled with action shots from the Ferrari F1 team, any racing fan will appreciate this official calendar adorning their office wall. There’s not much else to say about it, really – it’s a calendar with pictures of Ferraris.

Photo of Ferrari F1 calendar

  1. Energizer LED keychain

This simple key ring features a bright LED light which apparently can last for 8000 hours with the included batteries. It’s nothing fancy, but it would make an ideal stocking filler gift. It’s always nice to have a torch to hand in the car for finding dropped items, locating key holes or working under the engine in a breakdown. If it’s on the car’s keys it can’t very well go missing.

Photo of Energizer LED keychain

  1. Frog Grippy Mat

Frog Grippy Mat is your new sticky best friend that is your most needed accessory for your car! This specially sticky anti-slip mat, sticks on the dashboard of your car which you can then place all your gadgets and items on them, and they will hold on for dear life whilst you whiz around in your car! No longer will you lose your phone to the back of the seat, and that one and only pound coin you needed for the shopping trolley! This sticky mat will hold everything for you, it is waterproof and even withstands high heat from the sun, so never comes unstuck!

Photo of Frog Grippy Mat

  1. Nextbase In-Car Cam 101 Go dashcam

Wary of other drivers? Concerned that our roads are becoming increasingly congested? Then perhaps a dashcam can give you peace of mind. Driving has tested a wide variety of dashcams, and the best budget unit so far is the Nextbase 101 Go. Compact, easy to use and recognised by certain car insurers, it’s a great starting point for keeping an extra pair of eyes on the road.

Photo of Nextbase In-Car Cam 101 Go dashcam and screen