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Toyota’s Prius and Auris Recalled

Toyota recall

The Prius, Prius + and the Auris Hybrid manufactured between October 2008 and November 2014 have been recalled due to the potential of the cars wrongly going into limp mode.
It has effect approximately 1.25 million cars of which 55,519 are located within the UK.

The limp mode safety feature should be triggered when the cars system flags up an issue in the hybrid system, however some cars have been triggered into limp mode and caused stalling. Not something you want when traveling down the motorway, Fortunately the steering, brakes and indicators are not affected!

Toyota have not been without their problems, seeing a previous recall on the latest Prius and C-HR Hybrid SUV - this was a potential fire risk in the hybrid systems.

Toyota in a statement said “in rare situations, the vehicle may enter a fail safe driving mode as intended”

If you have one of the effected vehicles you simply need to go to your local Toyota dealer and they will update your cars software. There is no charge and the recall is being conducted in accordance with DVSA guidelines.

Toyota recall Prius, Prius+ and Auris Hybrid

Toyota Recall Checker

If you are driving one of the potentially effected vehicles, Toyota have a vehicle checker on their website vehicle checker If you are leasing then you will not have the log book of your car, however the information required can be found in the bottom corner of your windscreen, simply type in the number and or your registration. If you have a lease car which falls within the time line and you are concerned simply give the office a call and our friendly staff will help you.

Toyota UK can be contacted directly on 0800 044 3720 their opening hours are 8am - 8pm

What does a recall mean?

A recall is a campaign created by a manufacturer to address a problem regarding the safety of a product. This can be any kind of product from a toy to car, millions of products are effected by recalls.