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Toyota Yaris Review 2017

The Toyota Yaris 2017 – Review

As one of the brands best-selling models in terms of small car sales in the UK, the Toyota Yaris has long competed with the hugely popular Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa, and in more recent years the Volkswagen Polo and even the Skoda Fabia in the super-mini class. With this in mind, it is easy to see why Toyota have chosen to give this little car a bit of a face lift.

How has it changed?

Toyota Yaris Review exterior view

There have been considerable updates to the Yaris or 2017, all of which suggest a promise of improved performance, ride comfort, interior quality and handling. The slow selling three-door hatchback body and the diesel engine have been ditched, the old 1.33 litre petrol motor has been replaced with a 1.5 litre one which is both more powerful and more economical. This newer model engine also appears in the Yaris Hybrid alongside an electric motor, whilst still allowing it to remain unique within the small car class. In addition to all this the new model Yaris has revised steering, suspension and a variety of measures designed to reduce engine drone and vibration.

The performance of the new Yaris

All in all, the 1.0 litre three-cylinder model is very slow, it needs to be worked hard and even then, it struggles to keep up with traffic especially on faster roads and hilly terrain. For the small upgrade cost the 1.5 four cylinder is a much more flexible option. It has better throttle response and if you rev it hard enough quite a decent turn of pace. The 1.5 litre petrol engine of the Hybrid model is better still, although still not as quick as it could be. Unfortunately, neither of them have the same strong power delivery of the other latest small turbo petrol engines on the market.

The Interior

As with previous Yaris models this one has the height-adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel that adjusts, although perhaps not enough for taller drivers. The seats offer good support for longer journeys although the lever adjustment in the seats offers less precision than the wheel system used in other similar cars. Pedal placement is good and the simple controls are all in easy reach and view of the driver’s position.

Toyota Review cabin  view

The upright design of the windscreen, large side windows and good sized rear screen offer excellent all-round visibility, and the pillars do not block the view.

When it comes to build quality however, the Yaris is what it is; some of the trims appear flimsy and whilst the soft-touch plastic inserts on the dash and doors give the car a reasonably plush feel the harder plastic lower down give it an overall feeling of being not quite as plush or as nicely finished as some of its rivals.

Our verdict on the Toyota Yaris

The Yaris 2017 is certainly an improvement on previous models, it offers a comfortable ride with generous standard equipment. The Hybrid would certainly not make a bad company car, but there is no getting away from it, this is not a really quiet car so really its suitability will depend entirely on what sort of driving you plan on using it for.  If you find yourself with a poor credit score and would like to lease a Yaris, you can from us!