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Transform Your Old Smartphone To A DashCam

A dash cam can definitely come in handy in your car–not just to record meteors and flying cars, but actual practical uses like capturing collisions and aggressive driving.

But instead of buying one, you can just use equipment you most likely already have and a downloading a freely available app.


Most of us probably have an old smartphone stashed away somewhere at home so you  might as well put that device to good use. You’ll need the phone, a cable to keep it charged (keep it plugged in so you don’ run out of battery at a critical moment), and you’ll need a mount.

Once you’ve gathered the necessities, place your mount on the dashboard or windshield in such a way that it captures the best view of the road ahead.

Now for the right app – you need something that records continuously, tracks our location and estimated speed, date, time, and adjustable video quality. Download a dash cam app such as DashCam for the iPhone. If you’re Android user take a look at Autoboy Dash Cam – Blackbox.

Here’s a video guide for you to see every step. Now go have some fun:

<iframe title="How To Use Your Phone as a DashCam Demo"width="480" height="270"src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/o_VzmcC5liU?feature=oembed" frameborder="0"allowfullscreen></iframe>