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Travelling With Kids, Our Tips!

How to Ace Long Journeys with Kids Without Losing Your Mind

baby in car seat - travelling with kids

“Are we nearly there yet?”, “That’s mine, give it back……mum…..” “I need to go to the toilet”, “I’m hungry”. Let’s face it travelling with kids can be a bit of a nightmare, the close proximity of the back seat combined with excitement about the destination and the heat of a hot day can all lead to a journey that can be fraught with arguments and grumpiness.

There has to be an answer, some kind of magical solution that will help you ace those long journeys without completely losing your sanity. Whilst we can’t promise a magic potion, here are just a few tips, that should work for your kids.


Even if your kids ate before you started your journey, it is still surprising just how soon into your journey kids can start complaining of feeling hungry.  So make sure you carry a selection of snacks with you and some small bottles of water, because “I am hungry” is invariably followed by “I’m thirsty”! Of course, this can also lead to calls for a toilet stop so make sure that you know how far you are from the nearest service station, and remember to factor any possible extra stops into your journey time. If you have younger children then invest in some of those non-spill snack pots, trust us, they will save your life.

Car Games

Before you leave the house make sure you compose a list of car games that will work for the ages of your children. I Spy for example doesn’t work with smaller children who are still learning the alphabet, its hysterical when they pick a letter and claim everything starts with that letter, but it really doesn’t work and will just frustrate your older children. You could count caravans, our family favourite, everyone pick a colour and see who spots the most cars of that colour.

Travelling With Kids, using technology!

In car DVD player

If you don’t already own one of these then you might like to consider making the purchase before you start your long car journey. Don’t just buy the cheapest ones as they may prove to be a false economy and there would be nothing worse than them breaking part way through the journey. It is worth keeping these in reserve for later on in your journey, perhaps after you have had a break to stretch your legs, then put a DVD on and hopefully the kids will settle down and watch it without too much fuss.

Travelling with kids

Tablets and iphones

It goes without saying that tablets and mobile phones, especially for older children could be invaluable during a long journey and if they can help you keep your mind.  Some parents are happy to have their kids using them to help keep the peace in the back seat. You might however want to invest in headphones for each device or they will all annoy each other with their various games and music!

Finally, it is well worth taking regular stops. These can really break the journey up and will give you all some much-needed fresh air and a leg stretch, not forgetting those much-needed toilet breaks.

Planning ahead and using the tips above should certainly help make journeys more bearable. Do you have any great tips to share on how to keep your kids busy on a long drive?