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Vauxhall Astra Review 2018

The Astra is built in the UK for UK roads

The Vauxhall Astra, a car we can say is genuinely built in the UK, in Merseyside to be exact, and perhaps this is why it drives so well on our UK roads. The Astra has gone from strength to strength from its launch way back in 1979, and we have seen this ever popular family hatchback stay up there in sales year on year along with its Ford rival the Focus.

The significant improvement in weight loss and improved dynamics earned the Astra European Car of the Year in 2017.

Vauxhall Astra Review 2018

The latest Vauxhall Astra

Vauxhall has tried to make the Astra the number one choice for those wanting a family hatchback, however in previous years they have failed, this latest model however will certainly be the one to contend for that number one spot.
Although smaller in stature there is more room inside, and Vauxhall have pretty much thrown as much tech as they can into the models. The car has a fresh new feel and design inside and out.

Driving the Astra

No car driven in the UK can say you will never have a thump through the body when hitting one of the very many potholes, however as far as smooth rides go the Astra does deliver. The suspension is firm which means you are unlikely to feel any jarring over broken roads. Obviously the bigger the size of wheels will effect your ride comfort, but you still will have comfort with 17 inches.

You can really feel the weight reduction when coming into a bend, and the manual gearboxes are smooth and effortless. There is very good visibility all round, meaning seeing out of any tricky junctions will be much safer, it is worth going for a pack with parking sensors as some have reported blind spots over the shoulder.

The Vauxhall Astra

Inside the new Astra

As a driver you will find plenty of adjustment in the steering wheel and in the drivers seat, meaning even the most awkward driver should find their comfortable place. There is good space for both driver and front passenger, no awkward elbow touches, and the longest legs will be comfy in the front seat.

You can see a huge improvement in the infotainment system even the entry level comes with a colour 7inch touch screen ready to connect to your smart phone.

The finish in the cabin is of a good quality soft touch plastic with chrome finishing gives a high end feel compared to other cars within its class. There are a good selection of cubby holes in the doors and centre, along with a good sized glove box. Its not just the front of the cabin that boast plenty of room, passengers in the back will also benefit from good head space and decent leg room, meaning tall adults will find long journeys comfortable. Doors open nice and wide making it a great family choice, easily getting car seats in and out.

The boot space is the same as the previous model at 370 litres, which considering the car is smaller in size is great, furthermore it takes a good square shape meaning that you can pack more in.

Value for money

You will find that the Astra is great value in money when leasing, however if you are thinking of purchasing be warned the Astra will not hold its money. The Astra therefore is an excellent choice as a lease car, the depreciation is not your problem, and you can upgrade after a couple of years!