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Vehicle Body Styles - Whats your body shape?

Vehicle Body Styles

When you decide its time to change your current vehicle, aside from the usual emissions, fuel economy, fuel type, you will also be drawn to a certain type of vehicle due to its style.
But what are the various vehicle body styles, and which cars fall within that category?

Here are some of the more popular vehicle body styles we lease at Ultracar

The iconic Fiat 500 falls within the microcar vehicle body style

The MicroCar is the smallest of the Vehicle body Styles

Now you maybe thinking microcar?…… does this come in a cardboard package, and are for kids to play with? Times are changing, and because many of the once considered smaller cars have evolved over time, and become larger new categories of cars have emerged.
The microcar, which is also referred to as a city car, have the following models within it.

These cars are ideal for new drivers as they generally fall within a low insurance bracket. They also offer low running costs, and are ideal for drivers who are just nipping in and around towns and cities.
If as a driver your requirements match any of the above and you are on a lower budget, these make the ideal vehicles for leasing.

the Vauxhall Corsa falls within the vehicle body style of the supermini

Superminis Style

This category used to be the smallest vehicle body style but over time have become slightly bigger, or the manufacturers have created a smaller new model.
In this category you are likely to find the following vehicles-

These vehicles offer more room inside than the Microcars, however in most cases fall short of being a decent family car, due to smaller boot space and back seat space. They do offer lower running costs, and will work for those on a lower budget.
These are very popular with young couples, and single parents leasing from Ultracar.

Family vehicle body style favorite the Vauxhall Astra

The next Vehicle body style is the Family car

Here we see all the old favorites, which have been around for generations, and still ticking all the boxes-

Here you will get a vehicle with good space inside the cabin and with a decent boot space.
Wide opening back doors, to safely get passengers in and out, including child seats. As with all models you get the choice of engine, allowing you to be able to pick the one which best fits your requirements, such as fuel efficiency.
The family Car category also includes the design of the crossover which is essentially a family hatchback.

Look out for our next blog which covers the vehicle body styles of Luxury cars, Executive Cars, 4 x 4’s, People carriers, Sports Cars and Super cars.

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