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Vehicle Signage - Get Noticed!

The Best Vehicle Signage

Vehicle advertising has always been, and will continue to be a very cost effective way to advertise your business. Its not just about localised advertising, its also about brand awareness. Whether you are buying a small magnetic sign for your car door which can be easily removed, or you go for a full car wrap, you will get noticed.
This marketing channel is one of the best ways to get you, and your business noticed.

Getting noticed with vehicle signage

The more striking your design the more likely people will notice you, and in this modern day, people are even more likely to take photos and share on their social media channels.
The important thing to remember is always be clear on the objectives of why you want vehicle signage, and then create a design which will deliver on those objectives. Remember to use the right sort of lettering for important information, which is clear and can be easily read. But remember, you are a marked vehicle now and how you drive and how you behave will also effect the way people see your business.

Here are some good examples…

Vehicle signage on a London Taxi

London taxis with vehicle signage

Companies are looking to London taxi’s to advertise their business and raise brand awareness. The image we have in this blog is EE, its clear from a glance who the advertiser is. Recorgnised corporate colours and simplicity of the design, makes a good design, which can easily be read. This marketing would be ideal for companies who’s target market are people who live and work in London, or those who are targeting business people or even tourists. Taxi’s are more preferable to many rather than buses as taxi’s do not have to stick to certain routes and therefore potentiall will be seen by a wider area.

Vehicle sinage on Vans Example from signs and imaging in kent

Vehicle signage on vans

This vehicle signage can be extremely effective especially full body wraps which can be extremely striking. Get a good balance between imagery and your message is vital, for people to be able to see important information such as website address or telephone number. The image we have chosen here has a very good balance - eye catching but easily read. Vans are a great option because they are generally delivering in your local area, or nationwide and therefore getting in front of your potential customers.

Well known brand examples…

Redbull really nailed the vehicle signage when they created their car wraps, with the added redbull can strapped to the back!

Redbull Vehicle Signage

Mars when the extra mile by fully wrapping a lorry as a mars bar, making this a very mouth watering design.

Mars bar Lorry

And here in the UK what better example how how important vehicle signage and vehicle branding is, to the point that toys were even produced….. Yes we are talking Eddie Stobart Lorries.

Vehicle signage Eddie Stobart

Vehicle leasing and vehicle signage

If you are leasing a vehicle from Ultracar you are able to get your vehicle sign written/wrapped, just make sure you let us know when you make your application.