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Summer Weekends Away - What to Put in the Car

Summer is Here and Time for Weekends Away, but don’t Forget….

weekends away family in car

There is something about the long hot days and warm evenings of summer that make people just want to pack a bag, throw it in the car and head off for a weekend away, especially on the coast, so that they can make the most of the fantastic weather. If you want to be able to just pack up and go without forgetting any of those essential items then it might be a good idea to make a list so that you don’t forget anything - after all, less time spent packing means more time spent enjoying yourself.

The Weather

The most important thing to remember is that if your weekends away take you to anywhere in the UK then you should remember that the British summer can be a notoriously fickle time. Your weekend away could in fact feature most types of weather, whilst you might plan for hot weather it is entirely possibly you will also encounter heavy rain, thunderstorms, and strong winds. In fact, hailstorms have occurred in recent years as late as July! So, your essential summer weekend away packing should probably include sunscreen, after sun, a floppy hat, an umbrella and waterproofs and almost certainly a woolly jumper just in case. When it comes to planning for the weather you really can’t be too careful!

Medical Kit

I find it is always worth having a small medical kit handy when travelling, you won’t need much but sometimes it can be hard to get to the shops for something, especially when you are in an unfamiliar area and it is late. Plasters are always handy in case of blisters caused by flip flops or sandals, headache medication, and something for indigestion. If you take regular medication then remember to make sure that you pack this as well. If you are going somewhere near the water then you may also want to pack a cream for insect bites.


Obviously, you will want to pack enough clothing for your weekend; don’t forget that jumper just in case the weather turns cold, and also a pair of long trousers – these can useful if you need to cover up in the sun or if it turns a little colder. Pack a couple outfits that you can easily add a layer to, or remove a layer from depending on the weather.

family on beach one of many weekends away

Children, yep don’t forget them on your weekends away!

If you have children then even a weekend away will mean packing a lot of things, ring ahead to where you will be staying and see if they can provide you with some of those essentials such as a cot and highchair so that you can free up some space in the car. Make sure that in addition to their clothes, and plenty of spares, that you also pack any medications, favourite toys and books. If you have older children don’t forget to pack their electronic gadgets.

Once you have everything you need and anything you might possibly need just in case then you are finally ready to head off for your weekends away, all that remains to do is have fun.  If you are struggling to fit everything in to your car, perhaps its time for an upgrade? check out our non status car leasing here.