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This Week's Top Stories About Car Leasing

Every day we hear great stories about car leasing, from all sorts of different people!

Car leasing is a way to completely transform your life for the better and make getting around in style affordable, achievable and stress free! Read some of this week’s top stories about car leasing to see if you are inspired to take the leap into the car leasing world.

Drive to work in style!

Woman on European city road next to a mint green car

Our first story involves Tami from Wiltshire, Tami was living a nightmare, where she had to rely on her Dad for a lift to work every day because she couldn’t afford to buy her own car. Tami works about twenty miles away from her home, so this was quite a long round trip for her Dad, but there was no available bus route and she just couldn’t find any suitable employment closer to home! Tami was worried that she would have to sacrifice her dream job as an apprentice hairdresser in order to work in her local pub, purely because she felt so guilty relying on her Father. This is a really difficult situation to be in, as she was learning skills from the salon to qualify for her college course, but saving up for a car on an apprentice wage is no picnic! Tami looked into car leasing and now has a brand new fiat 500 to drive to work every day for affordable monthly payments! This is a success story not just for Tami, but also for her Dad! What a champ driving her to work and back every day. Although he must be quite glad to have some more time to himself to enjoy his retirement. “My lease car has given both me and my Dad a new lease of life! I could not be more thankful and am so glad to gain some independence.” Tami

We’re all going on a summer holiday!

Man and baby asleep in car together

The Robinson family had a nightmare of their own this week, with their car breaking down just as they had booked a trip away down in Dorset! Not only does Dad (Neil) need the car to drive to work but not having a car added a lot of stress to the family about how they were going to get to their holiday! The old car was just too expensive to fix, so Mum (Sharon) looked into car leasing as she had heard that you get a service plan included in your monthly payments, and that the car was covered by the manufacturers warranty for the first three years. Mum found the perfect lease car, a Citroen C4 Picasso, which has a roomy boot for holiday essentials and plenty of room for baby Tommy and five-year-old Eleanor in the back!  For regular, affordable, payments the Robinson family have a brand new car. Dad can relax in the back while Mum takes the wheel. Dorset here they come! “It just took such a weight off our shoulders getting a car sorted so quickly! We couldn’t afford to buy new car, and didn’t want to go second hand because we didn’t want any more expensive problems! Car leasing is the perfect solution.” Sharon

No more bus for us!

Goup of elderly people sat on a bench

65 year old Enid has recently retired and has been getting used to her new lifestyle away from the world of work! When she was working Enid had a car, but sold it to save some money when she retired, thinking that she wouldn’t miss it. However, a big part of Enid’s life is taking her dog “Patch” to local parks, and even down to the beach for a good run and a game of ball. Even more so she enjoyed taking her family along with her, as well as her friends. Enid now has to rely on the bus service if she wants to take Patch further than walking distance. As we all know bus timetables can be an absolute nightmare, and this quickly frustrated Enid! Because of this, Enid looked into buying a new car, but just could not afford the large investment it required. Then Enid was tempted by leasing! For affordable monthly payments Enid invested in a brand new Renault Scenic meaning she can take six people (and Patch!) to the beach, or across the fields as often as she likes! How’s that for retirement! “Me and Patch are so grateful we have been able to lease a car! It is the perfect solution for us. Its great to be able to spread our wings and go further afield.”

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