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Bad Credit Car Leasing,we do not look at your credit score! Contact Us Today!

At UltraCar offering the best car leasing deals

If you are thinking about leasing a vehicle but have a bad credit score, and you are not too sure how the leasing process works simply get in touch.
We are more than happy to talk to you, answer any questions you may have, and see if you eligible.

Our knowledgeable staff have years of experience in helping customers with an adverse credit rating, and all calls are treated as confidential.

We will do our best to advise you, there are no pushy sales personnel, and if you do not wish to go any further with your enquiry, just say, and we will not contact you again.

Making an enquiry to UltraCar

If you would like one of our advisors to give you a call simply fill out an enquiry form located at the top of this page, and we will contact you the same or next working day. Look out for this telephone number 01342837110 (we are not PPI!)

Making an application to UltraCar

If you have read through the website, and feel that you would like to make an application, it is very simple to do so.
Click on either of the following links which will take you to the relevant secure online application forms Personal Leasing, or Business Leasing.

Once we have received your application form you will be contacted first by telephone, and then by email the same day/next working day.
Sometimes the emails we send out go into spam folders, so if you have not heard from us, just have a quick check in there.

UltraCar do not charge for processing your application, and you are under no obligation to enter into a contract by making an application to us.

Remember we are looking at affordability and traceability, not at your credit score.

UltraCar underwriters assess each application on an individual basis. The more information you can provide us to support your application the better.