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Bad Credit Company Leasing

UltraCar offer business contract leasing to any trading business such as sole traders, PLC, LLP and Ltd businesses. At UltraCar we are the funders of your business vehicle, therefore your vehicle will be registered to us, and your company will be the leasee. We can offer companies both vans and cars on lease.

The positives of a business contract lease from UltraCar

  • Road Tax Paid for the duration of your lease
  • As the funders we can tailor a lease to your requirements, including payment profile and mileage.
  • Our vehicles are covered by manufacturer’s warranty for all, or most of your business contract lease (depending on vehicle registration date)
  • Easily contactable, knowledgeable and friendly staff

Benefits of business contract leasing

Simply apply to UltraCar specifying the vehicles you require. All sourcing and administration will be completed by UltraCar, keeping you updated at every stage, saving you valuable time.

Depending on your business type the rules relating to tax on contract hire are quite complicated, and depend whether one is a limited company or a sole trader. For personal leasing with a company allowance see here

However, the benefits can include-

  • Depending on the vehicles emissions which dictates the % of how much, you can claim your repayments back.
  • Better cash flow management, meaning more cash to help expand your business.
  • VAT Benefits – Talk to your accountant on how you can claim back 50% of your VAT on your leasing payments.

Other things to consider when entering into a business contract lease

  • Lease term Leases generally run for 3 years (35 fixed monthly payments)
  • Initial Payment 50% of your initial payment is required in order to secure your vehicle, then you have a further 10 days to pay the balance before your vehicle is delivered.
  • Annual Mileage UltraCar leases come as standard with 15K miles per year, if you need more just let us know.
  • Maintenance package UltraCar do not include maintenance with their leasing agreements - Please note that all the vehicles leased by UltraCar are a year or less in age. Therefore, vehicles are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for all or the majority of the business contract lease.
  • Van Branding You are able to brand your vehicles at your own expense, please make this clear when you talk to our advisors.

How do I apply for a bad credit company car lease?

Simply click here, and fill out our secure online form, or complete this short online form and we’ll get back to you!

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