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Frequently Asked Questions?

Will I require an initial rental or deposit to even get accepted??

Yes the funder will require a minimum initial payment of 4 equal monthly rentals, so if the monthly rental is £250.00 the initial payments will be £1000.00

Can some one act as a guarantor for me on the contract??

Yes you can have a family member or partner go on the contract with you to support the application

Are non status lease agreements the same as those without credit problems or is there a premium??

In most cases we can work towards budgets, so if you have £250 to spend we can show the types of vehicles that fall into that budget. The funder will require 4 equal monthly rentals rather than the standard 3 payments on a status contract this is due the funder assuming the risk of the contract

I am a UK citizen who has been abroad for 7 years, and not had a UK address since 2004, I am returning to the UK shortly. Bearing in mind I have no trace would I qualify for non status??

Yes it is still possible, with the right information you can still lease when you arrive back in the UK

Can you guarantee an acceptance through the non status funder??

Not 100% guaranteed, but around 97-98% of our proposed clients get approved for finance

Can I lease a vehicle without a driving licence, I am the wage earner but my wife does the driving??

Yes, we would have to do a joint application with you and your partner

I am a UK resident but not on the electoral roll, I keep getting turned down??

Being on the electoral register or electoral roll is still a legal requirement even if you chose not to vote, first thing register so at least you have a document showing you at your current address. With more supporting information we can get finance but it is tough

I am desperate for a vehicle, how quickly can I be in a vehicle??

Process for getting finance approval is 48 hours, once this is done it really depends on you, once the initial rental is paid to the funder you could be in the vehicle from anywhere 3-10 days

I currently have a vehicle on lease, can I have another in my name??

Yes, no reason why not households do have multiple vehicles on one persons name

I have been discharged from my bankruptcy for 12 months now, I have been turned down can you help??

Yes, even when you get discharged it will still leave a mark on your credit file. But with non status you can still lease

I have just returned back from 12 months maternity (unpaid) I only have 1 payslip and have a CCJ, can we still get finance??

Yes, despite payslips are a requirement for affordability the funder however will look at the application and underwrite as long as we give them rational to only having 1 payslip

I am in the Armed Forces and have moved address a lot recently and do not think I will be on the electoral register, can you help??

Yes, the funder will be aware in certain circumstances that you may not be on the electoral register but they will still underwrite

I am currently in an IVA can you help??

Simple answer – YES

Is insurance included in leasing??

No, you would have to organise your own insurance

I am 1 month down on my mortgage, should I wait until I get that back up to date??

It is not essential, if you require the vehicle now we can process and approve the application

General FAQs

How Does a Personal Lease Work?

We only provide brand new vehicles and specialise in designing a vehicle solution specifically for you and can source any vehicle across the whole of the UK car market place. Because of our volume acquisition we also negotiate fantastic special offers to be delivered direct to your door. Whether you want to acquire your first car, or drive something suitable for the family Ultra Car can help. You may wish to consider total economical packages, executive comfort and style motoring, sports engineering and performance, convertibles or just plain outrageous head-turning luxury. Whatever your preference we can advise you on availability, savings etc.

How Does A Business Lease Work?

Ultra Car provides tailor made solutions to the business community. Whether you are a sole trader or a PLC providing specific vehicles designed to suit your requirements. We can also provide bulk purchases of vehicles for fleet purposes and help you to design your in-house employer benefit scheme. Whatever your requirement our advisors can help you to design the best solution for you and your business.

What About Road Tax

When the vehicle is taken on a Contract Hire agreement (Contract Hire or Personal Contract Hire) the vehicle will come taxed for the term of the agreement. When the vehicle is taken on some form of purchase agreement (HP,PCP,etc) the vehicle will only come taxed for the first 6 or 12 months.

Is Breakdown Recovery Included?

Most of our vehicles also have breakdown recovery included. The specifics of the contract will differ from one manufacturer to another, however generically the contract is designed to be able to offer you the facility to be relocated in the event of a breakdown. Please talk to your advisor about specifics.

How Do I Order A Vehicle?

Once your funding line has been agreed you are now in a position to order your vehicle. We will discuss with you delivery date and location that you want the vehicle to be delivered to. We will require proof of address such as a utility bill, and a copy of your driving licence. You will then be sent an order form. Once this has been completed and returned to UltraCar, you are now obligated to go ahead with the arrangement. If you decide at a later stage not to go ahead for any reason other than contract change or delayed delivery, once the vehicle has been ordered, then you will be liable to pay a £500 cancellation fee.


All of our vehicles are supplied with a standard full UK Manufacturers warranty.

Will The Vehicle Be Registered In My Name?

For any Contract Hire contract (Business or Personal), the vehicle will be registered in the name of the finance company. For purchase agreements (PCP,Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase) the vehicle will normally be registered to you end use.

What Term Can I Lease For?

The simple answer is any term up to five years. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the term, the cheaper the monthly figure will be. The exception to this would be shorter term special offers. If the vehicle is supplied for under 3 years, you will always be within you manufacturer warranty dependant on mileage and the vehicle will not see an MOT.

What Is A Maintenance Contract?

A Maintenance Contract can be added to the monthly cost of leasing your vehicle. It is designed to cover you for the extra costs that you may incur with the normal costs of running your car.

What Is Not Included In The Maintenance?

It does not normally cover: Accidental or malicious damage repairing stains, burns or tears in seats, head linings or carpets repairing damage to the engine, gearbox, clutch, axle, suspension, steering or brakes caused by excessive use or failure to use or operate the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturers instructions repairing any accessories added by or at the request of the customer replacing worn tyres worn unevenly or through improper use which includes kerbing, excessive braking, steering misalignment and pothole damage) or whose walls are split which includes kerbing, excessive braking, steering misalignment and pothole damage or whose walls are split or damaged repairing dents scratches or chips in the bodywork or rust aggravated by lack of attention

What If I Get Declined For Finance?

It is a fact of life that bad credit problems affect a significant percentage of the population. We understand that just because you may have experienced this yourself, it does not make you a bad person. It also should not mean that you have to go without the benefit of driving a new vehicle. For this reason we have a specialist finance department exists to help people or companies that have previous or existing CCJ’s, payment arrears, current or previous credit issues. We have strong relationships with adverse lenders as well as vehicle suppliers and we can provide not only the necessary finance but also the vehicle. If you are declined for finance under the normal criteria one of our advisors will contact you and talk you through the options available to you

Is The Deposit Refundable?

If you are required to pay a holding deposit for a vehicle, it is always non-refundable, and normally deducted from the list price of the vehicle which may or may not be reflected in your finance contract. If you are buying outright, then the deposit will mostly (but not always) be reflected in the vehicle invoice, where it is not reflected in the invoice as separate invoice will be provided. Deposits, or initial rentals are non refundable as these make up part of your total capital costs.

How Does The Finance Work?

Whether you are a corporate user or an individual, once you have decided which vehicle and term is appropriate for your needs and have received a quotation from one of our advisors, you will be proposed for finance. This is a very simple document to complete, and allows us to select a finance company with whom we can arrange your funding line. Your information is forwarded to one of 13 Corporate Funding Companies, without obligation, who provide to us exceptionally competitive rates. Normally within 24-48 hours the funding company will advise us as to your status. Sometimes the funding company may require additional information in order for them to make a decision on your proposal. Once all the relevant information has been received, you will either be accepted or declined and you will be advised accordingly.

Can I Claim The VAT Back?

In some cases yes!, just check our section on VAT for more details.