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Insuring A Lease vehicle


We often get questions from our customers asking about car insurance, here we will explain a little about contract hire cars and insurance policies.

Will my leased vehicle have insurance included?

At UltraCar we do not include car insurance in our vehicle leasing deals, however we do pay for the road tax for the duration of your lease.
Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that the vehicle is insured for anyone that you wish to drive it.

I have secured my lease vehicle; how do I get it insured?

Once we have ordered you vehicle we will then be able to give you the registration number in plenty of time so that you can organise your insurance.
It is important to remember to tell the insurance company that the vehicle is on a contract hire. When the insurance company bring up the details of the car it will be in our name and not yours which may cause confusion.
The fact that you are not the owner of the car should not affect the price you pay.

Other responsibilities of having a leased vehicle

  • Parking tickets
  • Tolls such as the Dartford crossing charge
  • Speeding
  • Damage to the vehicle
  • As the vehicle is in our name we will receive any penalty notices, but these will be passed on to you, and are your responsibility.
  • MOT, all of our leased cars are no older than a year so towards the end of the leasing agreement you will be required to get the vehicle MOT’d, this then will allow us to tax it for you.
  • Servicing, it is also your responsibility to get the vehicle serviced. We do not insist that you go to the correct manufacturers garage, but we do ask that any parts are genuine to your make and model of vehicle.

If you have any questions regarding insuring your leased vehicle please just get in touch, we are happy to help.

Tips on lowering your leased car insurance premiums

  • Black box Check out our blog all about black box insurance and how it could save you money.
  • Always Shop Around It has never been easier to shop around for the best deals, and there are many comparison websites such as Go Compare ready to find you the best deal.
  • Protect Your No Claims Bonus Make sure you read the small print very carefully as this varies from company to company. Always check your policy carefully.
  • If You Have A Garage Use It How many of us have garages but cannot fit the car into it due to accumulated junk? It is well worth having a sort out as a garaged car overnight can bring your premium down.
  • Car Security The internet is full of car security products to help keep your car secure and help with bringing down your insurance costs.
  • Car Renewal At the end of your lease you have the opportunity to upgrade your car, don’t forget to consider the insurance cost implications.