Non Status Car LeasingWe are dedicated to supply non status car leasing solutions to private individuals and companies who fail to achieve a “main stream” credit rating. Established in 1999 we offer a comprehensive professional service from a single vehicle to an entire fleet.

  • Been declined by the big banks?
  • Poor accounts?
  • A new start business?
  • Poor credit history?
  • CCJ`S Arrears or Defaults?
  • In or have been in a individual voluntary arrangement?
  • Poor electoral roll history?

We supply new and nearly new cars and vans on two and three year non status car leasing agreements. As one of our customers you will be offered the right type of vehicle for your situation, we go the extra mile to find the right vehicle for your needs.

Your vehicle’s will be delivered to your door anywhere in the UK Mainland.

We tailor our contracts to reflect your exact needs. We realise it is not a “one size fits all” world! We own our fleet, you will deal with us, we do not pass you around the houses!

Why Ultracar For Non Status Car Leasing?

Quite simply, we’re experts in it (and yes, we don’t mind telling you!), we’ve been specializing in this type of contract for many years. We know the problems that stand in your way, and we know the right way to deliver the correct solution. Not only this, but we have an extensive list of existing customers who simply couldn’t have got a non status car leasing contract without the support we provide.

How Much Up Front?

Absolutely nothing! our non status car leasing advice is entirely free, you only pay for a product – the car! We do not charge upfront fees or “application fees” or anything of the sort, you only pay when you’re having a car.

Why not take a look at our example vehicles section to get a taste…..


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