Non Status Personal Car Leasing

Non Status Personal Car Leasing Information

So here’s the problem, you may have been subject to a multitude of different issues over the last 5 years or so..lets face it – its been a pretty tough economical environment! The solution? Non Status Personal Car Leasing

And now, you want (or even need) a new vehicle, however…all mainstream funders do not respond well to any CCJs, Defaults, Bankruptcies or anything similar. Non status personal car leasing is the product we have worked to produce, to address these issues.

Its pretty simple for the mainstream funders at the moment, they are controlling the marketplace..and its an affluent market right now so they can pick and choose who they accept for finance.

Well, Ultracar are kind of to the rescue here..we have spent the last few years developing new routes to market for people with bad credit, and who have been declined..there are a couple of things to consider when you think about it:

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1) Credit history problems are just that…history! Your credit file may not really represent exactly how things are going right now, there are many reasons why people might go through a “Bad Patch” maybe, so the finance *must* be initially assessed on the “now” and not the “then”.

2) Repayment : Obviously is stands to reason that any non status funder is going to want repaying for the vehicle/money they we need to assess if you can repay the monthly amount, and if that looks like it is going to continue.

3) Location : If the customer decides not to pay, not to get in touch and just keep the car..we need to be able to find the vehicle to recover it, being able to trace the customer is really important.

The above reasons are why our non-status application procedure is fairly comprehensive, we’re going to need the following information in order to make an informed decision as to the contract risk

  • 3 Months Personal Bank Statements
  • Proof Of ID (maybe a driving license or passport)
  • Proof Of Address (usually a utility bill)
  • Personal Proposal Form

Apply Online

In the first place, you can apply on-line for non status personal car leasing, after which we will contact you in person to discuss what options are available to you. You can also look through our example vehicles section – see what takes your fancy!

Rest assured we provide a very personal service and never judge someone’s current position. We’ve been doing this for some time now, so we completely understand the requirements and any challenges you may have run into so far.

Feel free to comment on this page if you think there’s something missing – or you want more information!

Non Status Car Leasing – The real world solution to getting behind the wheel of a new, or nearly new vehicle with a bad credit history.