non status van leasing

Van and commercial vehicle leasing for people with bad credit

During the latter part of the naughties, small trades seemed to get hit harder by the financial crisis more than anybody else, with no end of fitters, trademen and builders getting bad credit as a result of business drying up for them.Thats where Bad Credit Van Leasing comes in.

One of the fundamental importancies of being a trademan is the ability to carry your tools around, in order to do your job..makes sense doesn’t it? I mean, how can you go out and earn your keep..if you can’t carry your tools about?

Bad credit van leasing is where we look at your application, and disregard what may have happened in the past. At Ultracar, we’re only looking to the future, and seeing how you manage your finances right now…not what happened before. Bad Credit Van Leasing is available to all users, be it business or personal. If you have a VAT registered business you can even claim the VAT back!

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The problem comes when you try to lease a van when you have bad credit, the mainstream funders simply decline you end up having to go to a daily rental company and spend many hundreds of pounds per month, simply getting to work to earn some money! I’ve personally seen cases where people with bad credit are leasing vans short-term from daily rental companies for over £800 per month + vat!! crazy.

We’ve taken notice of this issue for some time, and are now proud to announce we can provide van leasing for people with bad credit!

The same rules apply as to car leasing with bad credit, so you will still need 4 payments in advance and the mileage may have to be adjusted to suit your requirements, but none the less..we can now help!

This is as a result of listening to our customer’s requirements, and trying to adjust to them..meeting new market expectations.

  • Bad Credit Van Leasing is for everyone – business and personal users are welcome.
  • We aren’t interested in the past – Everyone deserves a chance to get back on their feet, we look for reasons to approve your application, not refuse it
  • Vehicles Available From Stock – You can be driving your new or nearly new van within 10 working days
  • No Upfront Fees – We do not charge to make an application, the only time you will pay any money is when you’re ordering the van and placing the deposit!

To give you an example of the price range of commercial vehicles we have, on a non status contract..take a look below:

Non Status Van Leasing Example Prices