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CCJ Car Leasing

Leasing a car with a CCJ?

At UltraCar we welcome customers who have CCJs, but before we explore CCJ car leasing, lets take a look at what a County Court Judgement (CCJ) is.

CCJ explained

If you owe money to a company or person they can take out a County Court Judgement against you. You will first receive a CCJ Claim Form, within this form there will be an explanation of the amount you owe and who you owe it to. Along with this form you will also receive an admission form, the admission form is there for you to defend the claim if you do not intend to pay it. The defending claim need to be sent back within 14 days. It is vital that you do not ignore this in the hope it will go away or that you will receive another letter, you will not and it will be issued anyway in a default judgement.

What are the options with a CCJ?

On receiving your CCJ claim form you can pay the debt in full and this will eliminate a court hearing and there will not be a CCJ record against you. You can request to make a payment plan, , you can dispute the claim, if you do not feel that the claim is correct, it will then be down to the court to decide who is in the right. If you require more time to put your case together you can fill out an Acknowledgement of Service Form, asking for a little more time to put your defence together. If it is in fact you that is owed money due to the debt you can also put in a counter claim.

CCJ Facts

If you do not make payment then you could find yourself back in court to enforce the judgement, this could lead to more costs and even have bailiffs visiting you. There is a register of judgements, orders and fines

A CCJ will stay recorded for 6 years

How do I get a car lease if I have a CCJ on record?

At UltraCar we look at affordability and traceability, so be honest with us in the beginning and tell us that you have a CCJ. We know there is a problem with your credit score, thats why you are coming to us, so just let us know a CCJ is why your credit rating is not so healthy. We have a large number of customers in the same position as you, we really do understand.

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