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Multi Car Leasing

Is it possible to lease one car for two people?

We have many cars being leased out for more than one person to drive, due to everyone’s circumstances being different.
We do not believe in putting up hurdles because your circumstances do not fit into a regular lease.

I have a licence but my partner has the main income…

You can still lease a vehicle, all this means is that you will both apply for a car lease (dual application). This is because the underwriters will be looking at affordability, and need to see that between you both, you can afford the monthly payments jointly.

Can I lease a car for my partner to drive?

At UltraCar we understand that families, and couples require 2 cars in order to go about their day to day lives.
When you apply for the car lease, you will need to provide supporting documents for both parties, and you will both need to fill out an application form.

Can I lease more than one car?

We lease out fleets, so if you require more than one car that is not a problem to us.

The underwriters will assess your application as they would with a single car application, focussing on affordability and traceability.

Why not take a look at our Cars, don’t worry if you cannot find the vehicle you want, these are just an example of what we can offer. At UltraCar we do not hold stock of vehicles but purchase the car you want within your approved budget and then lease it back to you. All our vehicles are a year or less in age.

You can find more about personal leasing here or simply give us a call Tel:01342837110 and talk to one of our friendly advisors, who will be happy to help.