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Young Drivers

Young drivers with a poor credit score.

How many of us when we were younger had mobile phones, store cards and other lines of credit which we did not keep on top of?

At a young age, we do not always realise the importance of keeping on top of our finances, and the importance of keeping our credit rating good. Perhaps you have never had any form of credit, and therefore have no credit history, also making it difficult to get forms of credit including car leases. You could find yourself in a situation where you want to get a reliable car, but you are unable to afford to purchase one out right.

Young drivers can lease, and renew with confidence

As a young driver, you may want to start with a smaller car and work your way up to a bigger car as you become more confident. Also, as a young driver you also have the extra burden of high insurance premiums to pay, which will also eat into your car budget.

UltraCar car leasing is ideal for young drivers, we will pay your road tax, allowing you that bit extra to help towards your insurance payments. With our car leases you get to change your car every 3 years, which means your car choice can change alongside your confidence in being behind the wheel.

As our cars are all a year or less in age, you will be able to drive in the safe knowledge that your vehicle is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for all, or the majority of your car lease.

Did you know that you can make a dual application such as with your partner, or parents?

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